Flora of China
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   2. Campanula subg. Rapunculus  (Dumortier) Kharadze Zametki Sist. Geogr. Rast. 32: 54. 1976.
基生叶风铃草亚属   ji sheng ye feng ling cao ya shu

Campanula sect. Rapunculus Dumortier, Fl. Belg. 58. 1827.


Basal leaves rosulate, persistent at anthesis; cauline leaves mostly toward base, upper ones sessile or nearly so, usually linear if present. Flowers solitary and terminal, or several terminal on main stems and branches. Capsule poricidal above middle.

About 140 species: throughout Arctic and N temperate regions, extending south into N Africa, Iran, India, China, N Mexico, and SE United States (Florida); seven species (four endemic) in China.