Flora of China
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   . Clematis pycnocoma  W. T. Wang


Vine woody. Branches terete, indistinctly 6-sulcate, with petioles, peduncles and pedicels very densely yellowish appressed puberulous. Leaves pinnate, 5-foliolate; leaflets papery, rhombic-ovate, elliptic-ovate, or narrowly ovate, 3.5--8 X 1.8--3.8 cm, apex acute or attenuate, base rounded, margin on each side unequally 1- or 2-dentate, or 2- or 3-lobulate, or undivided, seldom entire, adaxially densely appressed puberulous, abaxially yellowish velutinous, basal veins adaxially slightly impressed, abaxially slightly prominent; petioles 3--6 cm. Cymes axillary, singly or in pair arising from one leaf axil, when in pair then strongly unequal in size, usually very densely 9- to many flowered, subglobose; peduncles 1--2 cm; bracts lanceolate or linear, 4--18 mm. Flower 1.2--1.7 cm in diam.; pedicel 5--7 mm. Sepals 4, narrowly oblong, 7--9 X 2--2.5 mm, apex slightly acute, inside glabrous, outside densely yellowish appressed puberulous, margin velutinous. Stamens 3.5--5 mm, glabrous; anthers narrowly oblong, 1.8--2.2 mm, apex obtuse. Ovary densely pubescent; style ca. 3.5 mm, densely brownish villous. Fl. Nov.

* In bushes; ca. 2800 m. ?NE Yunnan.

Name appeared after publication of the family treatment for the Flora of China.