Flora of China
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   265b. Rhododendron strigillosum var. monosematum  (Hutchinson) T. L. Ming
紫斑杜鹃   zi ban du juan


Abaxial leaf surface mostly glabrous, glandular-strigose only on prominent midrib. Corolla red or white.

Forests, Rhododendron thickets; 2000–3800 m. Sichuan, Yunnan.

It is almost certain that var. monosematum is a hybrid between Rhododendron strigillosum and R. pachytrichum. The plate accompanying the original description illustrates a plant that is very close to R. pachytrichum, with pale flowers but with a long-stipitate-glandular indumentum. These features may be seen in naturally occurring populations of var. monosematum on Emei Shan in Sichuan. Therefore, it may be better to treat this taxon as a variety of R. pachytrichum. Plants resembling the photograph in Fang (Sichuan Rhododendron of China, 83. 1986) also occur there and are assumed to be back crosses with R. strigillosum.