Flora of China
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   144. Clematis moisseenkoi  (Serov) W. T. Wang
绒萼铁线莲   rong e tie xian lian


Vines woody. Branches subterete, indistinctly 6-angulate, sparsely puberulous near nodes, elsewhere glabrous. Leaves ternate or pinnate and 5-foliolate; petiole 1.5--4 cm; leaflet blades ovate or narrowly so, undivided, rarely 2-parted or 2-lobed, 1.6--4 × 1--2.8 cm, herbaceous, abaxially sparsely pubescent, adaxially subglabrous or very sparsely puberulous on veins, base broadly cuneate, subcordate, or cordate, margin serrate, apex acute or shortly acuminate; basal veins abaxially slightly prominent or flat. Flowers 1--3, arising with 2 leaves from axillary buds of old branches, 3--5 cm in diam.; pedicel 6--7.4 cm, pubescent. Sepals 4, ascending, linear-lanceolate, 2.5--3.3 × 0.5--0.75 cm, abaxially white velutinous, adaxially puberulous, apex recurved, long acuminate. Staminodes spatulate or oblanceolate-linear, 16--25 × 1.5--3.5 mm, puberulous; claw linear, 1--1.5 mm wide. Stamens 14--16 mm; filaments linear, densely puberulous; anthers linear or narrowly oblong, 2--2.8 mm, abaxially pubescent. Ovaries densely pubescent; style ca. 10 mm, densely villous. Fl. Jun.

* About 1600 m. W Xinjiang (Borohoro Shan).