Flora of China
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   2. Akebia longeracemosa  Matsumura
长序木通   chang xu mu tong

Akebia quinata (Houttuyn) Decaisne var. longeracemosa (Matsumura) Rehder & E. H. Wilson.


Woody climbers, subevergreen. Stems grayish brown when dry, longitudinally striate; branches slender, ca. 5 mm in diam.; lenticels orbicular. Petiole 7--10 cm; petiolules 0.8--1.5 cm, terminal one longest; leaflets 5, oblong to obovate-oblong, 4--9.5 × 2--4 cm, subleathery, abaxially pale green, base cuneate to obtuse, margin entire, apex rounded and usually emarginate and cuspidate; primary veins 3. Inflorescences clustered with leaves; bracts persistent, scaly. Racemes 1--3, fascicled, 12--18 cm, slender; peduncle 3.5--7 cm. Male flowers: 23--35(--43). Pedicel slender, ca. 5 mm; bracteoles linear, subulate. Sepals 3, reddish purple, elliptic-oblong to broadly elliptic, 4--4.5 × ca. 3 mm, reflexed at anthesis. Stamens ca. 3 mm; filaments less than 1 mm. Female flowers: 1 or 2, or absent. Pedicel 4.5--5 cm. Sepals 3, reddish purple, broadly elliptic to suborbicular, 1--1.2 × 0.8--1 cm. Staminodes minute. Carpels 6--9, cylindric. Fruit solitary or paired, reddish purple at maturity, oblong, 6--7 × ca. 2 cm, longitudinally wrinkled when dry. Fl. Mar--Apr, fr. Aug.

* Evergreen forests, mountain slopes, 300--1600 m. Fujian, N Guangdong, S Hunan, C Taiwan.