Flora of China
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   4. Akebia chingshuiensis  T. Shimizu
清水山木通   qing shui shan mu tong


Woody climbers, deciduous or subevergreen. Leaves herbaceous; petiole 3--5 cm; leaflets 3, petiolulate, ovate, 2--3 × 1--1.5 cm, glabrous, base round to broadly cuneate, margin subentire, apex emarginate and mucronate. Racemes axillary on short branches, ca. 10 cm; peduncle slender, 4--6 cm. Male flowers 10--20. Pedicel filiform, 2--3 mm. Bracts paleaceous, linear, subulate. Sepals 3, reflexed, elliptic, navicular, 1--2 mm, glabrous. Female flowers 1 or 2. Pedicel 1--1.3 cm, fili-form. Sepals 3, black purple, obovate, navicular, 5--7 mm. Carpels 3 or 4. Fruit unknown. Fl. Apr--May.

* Open forests in mountains on limestone slopes; 1500--2400 m. Taiwan.