Flora of China
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   1. Biswarea tonglensis  (C. B. Clarke) Cogniaux Bull. Soc. Roy. Bot. Belgique. 21(2): 16. 1882.
三裂瓜   san lie gua

Warea tonglensis C. B. Clarke, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 15: 129. 1876.


Stem and branches slender, puberulent or subglabrous. Petiole robust, 6-10 cm; leaf blade broadly ovate-cordate or suborbicular-cordate, 14-17 × 12-16 cm; lobes triangular-ovate, margin dentate, apex acute or acuminate. Male inflorescence usually 5-8-flowered; peduncle 8-10 cm; bracts 2-3 mm; calyx tube ca. 3 cm, base ca. 3 mm in diam., apex ca. 15 mm in diam.; segments narrowly lanceolate, 6-7(-20) mm, puberulent, apex subulate; corolla segments ovate, 22-30 × ca. 11 mm; apex acute; filaments filiform, 4-5 mm, glabrous; anthers connected, ca. 7 mm; rudimentary ovary subulate, 8-9 mm. Female flower solitary; pedicel 25-30 mm; ovary densely tomentose, ca. 12 mm; calyx tube ca. 4.2 cm, apex ca. 11 mm in diam.; segments and corolla segments as in male flowers. Fruit 10-12 × 4-4.5 cm. Seeds numerous, pale brown, elliptic, 10-15 × 7-10 mm.

NW Yunnan [NE India (Darjeeling, Sikkim), Myanmar, Nepal].