Flora of China
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   56. Androsace zambalensis  (Petitmengin) Handel-Mazzetti
高原点地梅   gao yuan dian di mei

Androsace villosa Linnaeus var. zambalensis Petitmengin, Bull. Herb. Boissier, Ser. 2, 8: 368. 1908.


Herbs perennial, forming dense cushions. Leaf rosettes of current year globose, 6--8 mm in diam., superimposed on old leaf rosettes or with intervals to 7 mm. Leaves sessile, obscurely dimorphic. Outer leaves ligulate-oblong, 3.5--4.5 X ca. 1 mm, abaxially hirtellous, ciliate, adaxially sparsely pubescent near apex, apex obtuse. Inner leaves narrowly ligulate to oblanceolate, 5--6 X ca. 1 mm, densely whitish hirtellous and long ciliate. Scapes solitary, 1--2 cm; umbels 2--5-flowered, scapes and umbels with long white hairs; bracts elliptic-obovate to broadly oblanceolate, usually conduplicate, 5--7 X 1.5--2.2 mm, apex obtuse. Pedicel 2--4 mm. Calyx 2.5--3 mm, parted to ± middle; lobes ovate-triangular, apex subobtuse. Corolla white with a pink eye, 4.5--8 mm in diam.; lobes broadly obovate, margin entire or obscurely emarginate. Fl. Jun-Jul.

Moist stony meadows, screes; 3600--5000 m. W Sichuan, SE Xizang, NW Yunnan [India, Nepal, Sikkim].