Flora of China
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   132. Clematis pinchuanensis  W. T. Wang & M. Y. Fang
宾川铁线莲   bin chuan tie xian lian


Subshrubs small, erect, to 35 cm tall. Branches shallowly ca. 6-grooved, velutinous. Leaves simple or ternate; petiole 2--3 cm; leaf or leaflet blades deltoid-ovate to ovate, 3--6 × 3--6 cm, papery, often 3-lobed, reticulate, abaxially densely puberulous to velutinous, adaxially densely appressed puberulous, base subcordate to subtruncate, margin dentate, apex ± acute; basal veins abaxially prominent. Cymes terminal or axillary, few flowered; peduncle short; bracts triangular-ovate, ca. 1.5 cm. Flowers ca. 1.2 cm in diam. Pedicel 1--2 cm, velutinous. Sepals 4, erect, ovate-oblong, ca. 10 × 6 mm, abaxially narrowly winged and velutinous, adaxially appressed puberulous near apex, apex ± acute. Stamens ca. 6.5 mm; filaments densely villous; anthers narrowly oblong, ca. 2.5 mm, abaxially villous on connective, apex obtuse. Ovaries pubescent. Style ca. 5 mm, densely villous. Achenes subfusiform, ca. 3 × 1.2 mm, pubescent; persistent style ca. 1 cm, plumose. Fl. Dec.

* NW Yunnan.

1Leaves simple132a  var. pinchuanensis    宾川铁线莲(原变种)
+Leaves ternate132b  var. tomentosa    三出宾川铁线莲