Flora of China
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   4e. Clematis montana var. wilsonii  Sprague
晚花绣球藤   wan hua xiu qiu teng

Clematis montana var. wilsonii f. platysepala Rehder & E. H. Wilson.


Leaflet blades 3--8 cm. Flowers 4--8 cm in diam. Pedicel 8--20 cm. Sepals 2--4 × 1.2--2.5 cm, abaxially densely appressed puberulous near margin but with a glabrescent band to 8 mm wide, apex usually emarginate. Anthers linear to narrowly oblong, 2.4--3.2(--4) mm, apex minutely apiculate. Ovaries glabrous. Achenes glabrous; persistent style to 6 cm. Fl. and fr. Aug.

* Forest margins, scrub; 2400--3600 m. W Sichuan.