Flora of China
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   127. Clematis dasyandra  Maximowicz
毛花铁线莲   mao hua tie xian lian

Clematis dasyandra var. polyantha Finet & Gagnepain.


Vines woody. Branches shallowly 4--6-grooved, subglabrous or only sparsely puberulous on nodes. Leaves pinnate, 5-foliolate; petiole 2--5 cm; leaflet blades ovate, broadly ovate, or ovate-elliptic, 3--6.8 × 1.5--4.5 cm, herbaceous to thinly papery, undivided or 3-lobed, abaxially sparsely puberulous on basal veins, adaxially sparsely appressed puberulous, base rounded, subtruncate, or broadly cuneate, margin sparsely dentate, apex acuminate to caudate-acuminate; basal veins abaxially flat or ± prominent. Cymes axillary, 1- or 3--9-flowered; peduncle 0.9--3.3 cm, puberulous near apex; bracts ovate to oblanceolate, ca. 1 cm. Flowers 1.2--1.5 cm in diam. Pedicel 2.2--3.5 cm, glabrous. Sepals 4, purple, erect, ovate-oblong to oblong, 1.2--1.7 × 0.5--0.7 cm, abaxially densely to sparsely appressed puberulous, adaxially densely appressed puberulous, margin abaxially velutinous, apex ± acute. Stamens 0.9--1.3 cm; filaments puberulous near apex; anthers oblong, ca. 2 mm, abaxially sparsely puberulous on connective, apex obtuse. Ovaries glabrous. Style ca. 8 mm, densely villous. Fl. Sep.

* Forests, scrub, slopes, by streams; 1700--2400 m. S Gansu, S Shaanxi, N Sichuan.


毛花铁线莲 Clematis dasyandra