Flora of China
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   1b. Caltha palustris var. membranacea  Turczaninow
膜叶驴蹄草   mo ye lu ti cao

Caltha membranacea (Turczaninow) Schipczinsky; C. membranacea var. grandiflora S. H. Li & Y. H. Huang.


Stems erect, hollow, to 50 cm tall, ca. 6 mm in diam. at fruiting. Leaf blade orbicular-reniform or suborbicular, rarely triangular-reniform, thinly herbaceous or membranous, base usually deeply cordate, margin dentate. Pedicels to 5 cm, to 14 cm at fruiting. 2n = 32, 64.

Wet places in valleys, forests. Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning [Korea, Mongolia, Russia (E Siberia)].

Alexander N. Luferov (pers. comm.) suggests that this taxon should be treated at the rank of species.