Flora of China
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   1. Nelumbo nucifera  Gaertner

Nelumbo komarovii Grossheim; N. nucifera var. macrorhizomata Nakai; Nelumbium speciosum Willdenow; Nymphaea nelumbo Linnaeus.


Petiole 1--2 m, terete, fistulous, glabrous or papillae hard and scattered; leaf blade abaxially blue-green, orbicular, 25--90 cm in diam., papery, glabrous, glaucous, water-repellent, margin entire. Flowers 10--23 cm in diam.; peduncles longer than petioles, glabrous or sparsely spinulate. Tepals caducous, pink or white, oblong-elliptic to obovate, 5--10 × 3--5 cm. Stamens slightly longer than receptacle; filament slender; anther linear, 1--2 mm; connective appendage clavate, to 7 mm, incurved. Receptacle accrescent, turbinate, 5--10 cm in diam. Fruit oblong to ovoid, 1.0--2.0 × 7--15 cm, glabrous; pericarp thick, hardened. Fl. Jun--Aug. 2n = 16.

Lakes, ponds, cultivated. Throughout China except Nei Mongol, Qinghai, and Xizang [Bhutan, India, Indonesia (Java), Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Guinea, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia (Far East), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam; SW Asia, Australia].

This species is cultivated for its edible rhizomes and seeds.


莲 Nelumbo nucifera