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   5. Stauntonia  de Candolle
野木瓜属   ye mu gua shu

Parvatia Decaisne.


Woody climbers, evergreen. Monoecious or dioecious. Winter bud scales many, in several whorls; outer scales imbricate, usually short and broad; inner scales longer than outer ones, ligulate to straplike. Leaves alternate, long petiolate; leaf blade palmately 3--9-foliolate or pinnately 3-foliolate; petiolules unequal; leaflet margins entire. Inflorescences axillary, several to more than 10-flowered; bracts subtending inflorescences, scaly. Sepals 6, outer 3 valvate. Petals absent or 6 and inconspicuous. Male flowers: stamens 6; filaments connate into a tube, basally, or only at base; connective apical appendage often hornlike or apiculate. Pistillodes 3, concealed within filaments tube. Female flowers: sepals usually slightly larger than those of male flowers. Staminodes minute, squamose, sessile, inserted at base of carpels opposite petals. Carpels 3, straight, sessile; ovules in several rows. Stigma terminal. Fruit single or in pairs, rarely 3-fascicled, sometimes dehiscent along abaxial suture. Seeds numerous, embedded in pulp.

About 25 species: China, N India, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam; 20 species (16 endemic) in China.

1Petals 6.(2)
+Petals absent.(6)
2(1)Leaves palmately 5--7-foliolate, sometimes 3- or 4-foliolate apically on branches.(3)
+Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate.(4)
3(2)Leaflets adaxially dull; petals 2--3 mm; fruit 4--6 × ca. 2.5 cm4  S. maculata    斑叶野木瓜
+Leaflets adaxially shiny; petals ca. 1.5 mm; fruit 7--10 × 3--5 cm5  S. chinensis    野木瓜
4(2)Branches, petiole, and petiolules narrowly winged; leaflets abaxially pulverulently or papillately puberulous; inflorescence 1- or 2-flowered; male flower outer 3 sepals 2.2--2.5 cm1  S. decora    翅野木瓜
+Branches, petiole, and petiolules not winged; leaflets glabrous; inflorescence many flowered; male flower outer 3 sepals 0.5--0.8 cm.(5)
5(4)Leaflets subleathery; secondary veins and tertiary veinlets conspicuously prominent on both surfaces; stamen connective apical appendage longer than anther2  S. brunoniana    三叶野木瓜
+Leaflets papery; secondary veins and tertiary veinlets abaxially prominent, adaxially inconspicuous; stamen connective apical appendage as long as anther3  S. elliptica    牛藤果
6(1)Stamen connective unappendaged20  S. leucantha    钝药野木瓜
+Stamen connective appendaged.(7)
7(6)Connective apical appendage 3--5 mm (sometimes ca. 2 mm in S. purpurea).(8)
+Connective apical appendage to 2.5 mm.(12)
8(7)Leaflets abaxially pale green10  S. libera    离丝野木瓜
+Leaflets abaxially grayish green or glaucous.(9)
9(8)Leaflet base cuneate to broadly cuneate9  S. duclouxii    羊瓜藤
+Leaflet bases obtusely rounded, rounded, or slightly cordate.(10)
10(9)Leaflets abaxially whitish; pedicel ca. 1 cm; connective apical appendage ca. 4 mm8  S. trinervia    三脉野木瓜
+Leaflets abaxially grayish green; pedicel 2--5 cm; connective apical appendage 2--3 mm.(11)
11(10)Leaflets 6--9.5 cm wide, abaxially not maculate, margin revolute when dry; sepals of male flowers ca. 1.8 cm6  S. glauca    粉叶野木瓜
+Leaflets 2.5--5 cm wide, abaxially densely whitish brown maculate, margin crisp when dry; sepals of male flowers 1--1.5 cm7  S. purpurea    紫花野木瓜
12(7)Connective apical appendage 2--2.5 mm.(13)
+Connective apical appendage minute to 1 mm.(15)
13(12)Leaflets 12--17 cm, subleathery, apex with a ca. 3.5 cm cauda; outer 3 sepals of male flowers 2--2.5 cm13  S. yaoshanensis    瑶山野木瓜
+Leaflets less than 7 cm, leathery, apex not caudate; outer 3 sepals of male flowers 0.8--1.4 cm.(14)
14(13)Leaflet apex mucronate and apiculate; outer 3 sepals of male flowers ca. 8 cm11  S. oligophylla    少叶野木瓜
+Leaflet apex emarginate to obcordate, not mucronate and apiculate; outer 3 sepals of male flowers ca. 1.4 cm12  S. obcordatilimba    倒心叶野木瓜
15(12)Connective apical appendage ca. 1 mm.(16)
+Connective apical appendage scarcely visible to 0.6 mm.(18)
16(15)Leaflets 3(--5), abaxially whitish green, margin conspicuously revolute14  S. conspicua    腺脉野木瓜
+Leaflets 5--9, abaxially pale green or glaucous, margin not revolute.(17)
17(16)Leaflets obovate, obovate-oblong, or spatulate, abaxially not maculate16  S. obovatifoliola    石月
+Leaflets oblanceolate, oblong-lanceolate, or oblong abaxially densely maculate15  S. pseudomaculata    假斑叶野木瓜
18(15)Leaflets lanceolate-linear to lanceolate, abaxially densely maculate; connective apical appendage ca. 0.6 mm; plants dioecious17  S. cavalerieana    西南野木瓜
+Leaflets obovate, oblong, broadly elliptic, oblanceolate, or spatulate, abaxially not maculate; connective apical appendage scarcely visible; plants monoecious.(19)
19(18)Leaflets 3--5, obovate, oblong, broadly elliptic, or oblanceolate, apex rounded or sometimes acute to acuminate; sepals thin, not fleshy18  S. obovata    倒卵叶野木瓜
+Leaflets 5--9, spatulate, apex long caudate and with a filiform easily broken tip; sepals thick, subfleshy19  S. brachyanthera    黄蜡果
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