Flora of China
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   3. Scabiosa  Linnaeus Sp. Pl. 1: 98. 1753.
蓝盆花属   lan pen hua shu

Asterocephalus Zinn.


Herbs, biennial or perennial, sometimes subshrubs due to lignification at base, rarely annual. Leaves opposite; cauline leaves amplexicaul; leaf blade pinnatipartite or pinnatisect, rarely entire. Capitula terminal, oblate-globose, ovoid, or ovoid-conical, long pedunculate; involucral bracts leaflike, in 1 or 2 series; receptacles conical to semiglobose, sometimes columnar; bracts linear-lanceolate, 1-veined, back often carinate; involucel (epicalyx) 1, broadly funnelform or angular-columnar, 8-ribbed in fruit, furrowed in entire length, or furrowed only above and rounded at base, often fissured into 2-8 pits apically, top becoming a membranous, campanulate or rotate crown, 16-30-veined, margin dentate. Calyx stalked, disklike, 5-segmented into radial setae. Corolla usually dimorphic, tubular, blue, purple, purple-red, yellow, or white, 4- or 5-lobed; that of marginal ray flowers usually larger, 2-lipped; upper lip usually 2-lobed, shorter; lower lip 3-lobed, elongated and raylike; that of central flowers usually tubular; lobes subequal in length. Stamens 4, exserted. Ovary enveloped in involucels; style slender; stigma peltate or capitate. Achenes enveloped in involucels, crowned with persistent setose calyx. Seeds with a large, straight embryo and scanty endosperm.

About 100 species: S and W Africa, Asia, Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean; six species (one endemic) in China.

1Annuals; capitula ca. 5 mm in diam. at anthesis; calyx setae up to 1 cm.3  S. olivieri    小花蓝盆花
+Perennials; capitula over 30 mm in diam. at anthesis; calyx setae shorter(2)
2(1)Involucels subcylindrical, not angular below, furrowed or pitted above(3)
+Involucels 8-ribbed, or with 4 obvious and 4 obscure ribs(4)
3(2)Basal leaf blades lanceolate or elliptic, entire.1  S. alpestris    高山蓝盆花
+Basal leaf blades pinnatifid; leaf segments 1.5-3 mm wide.2  S. austroaltaica    阿尔泰蓝盆花
4(2)Corolla yellow; involucels obviously 8-ribbed.4  S. ochroleuca    黄盆花
+Corolla blue or purple; involucels 8-ribbed, but only 4 ribs marked, while others obscure(5)
5(4)Leaves pinnatifid to pinnatisect; segments linear or lanceolate.5  S. comosa    蓝盆花
+Leaves linear-lanceolate, margins serrate or lacerate.6  S. lacerifolia    台湾蓝盆花
   Lower Taxon
  • Scabiosa alpestris  Karelin & Kirilov  高山蓝盆花
  • Scabiosa comosa  Fischer ex Roemer & Schultes  蓝盆花
  • Scabiosa lacerifolia  Hayata  台湾蓝盆花
  • Scabiosa ochroleuca  Linnaeus  黄盆花
  • Scabiosa olivieri  Coulter  小花蓝盆花
  • Scabiosa austroaltaica  Bobrov in Schischkin & Bobrov  阿尔泰蓝盆花