Flora of China
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   2. Nymphaea  Linnaeus
睡莲属   shui lian shu


Herbs perennial. Rhizomes erect, ascending, or repent, branched or unbranched. Leaves mostly floating; leaf blade venation primarily palmate, base cordate to sagittate, margin entire to dentate, sometimes slightly peltate. Flowers floating or emersed, perianth spreading. Sepals 4, greenish, not petaloid, inserted at base of ovary, sometimes persistent. Petals 8 to many, large and showy, inserted on surface of ovary, often grading into stamens. Stamens shorter than sepals and petals, inserted on lateral surface of ovary; filament linear to ovate or obovate; anther connective appendaged or unappendaged. Carpels partially or completely united. Style absent or modified into abaxially projecting carpellary appendages. Stigma sessile, radiate on cup-shaped stigmatic disc rimmed by carpellary appendages. Fruit irregularly dehiscent. Seeds globose, ovoid, or ellipsoid, smooth or longitudinal ridges pubescent, arillate.

About 50 species: widespread in temperate and tropical regions; five species in China.

Many species of the genus Nymphaea are cultivated as ornamentals. In China, in addition to the native species, both Nymphaea mexicana Zuccarini and N. alba Linnaeus var. rubra Lönnroth are cultivated.

1Leaf blade abaxially densely pubescent, margin dentate and teeth acute to subspinose4  N. lotus
+Leaf blade abaxially glabrous, margin entire, subentire, or deeply crenate.(2)
2(1)Petals white tinged with purple, blue, or purple-red; anther connective apically appendaged; leaf blade margin subentire to deeply crenate; sepals persistent5  N. nouchali    延药睡莲
+Petals white; anther connective apically unappendaged; leaf blade margin entire; sepals caducous or decaying after anthesis (persistent in N. tetragona).(3)
3(2)Flowers 3--6 cm in diam. when fully open; mature leaf blades mostly less than 10 cm; carpellary appendages ovate3  N. tetragona    睡莲
+Flowers more than 6 cm in diam. when fully open; mature leaf blades mostly more than 10 cm; carpellary appendages triangular-tapered.(4)
4(3)Rhizomes repent; insertion of calyx on receptacle circular; filaments of inner stamens ± as wide as anthers1  N. alba    白睡莲
+Rhizomes erect or ascending; insertion of calyx on receptacle ± tetragonous; filaments of inner stamens wider than anthers2  N. candida    雪白睡莲
   Lower Taxon
  • Nymphaea alba  Linnaeus  白睡莲
  • Nymphaea candida  C. Presl  雪白睡莲
  • Nymphaea lotus var. pubescens  (Willdenow) J. D. Hooker & Thomson  柔毛齿叶睡莲
  • Nymphaea tetragona  Georgi  睡莲
  • Nymphaea nouchali  N. L. Burmann  延药睡莲