Flora of China
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   6. Limnocharis  Bonpland in Humboldt & Bonpland Pl. Aequin. 1: 116. 1807.
黄花蔺属   huang hua lin shu


Herbs, aquatic, with aerial leaves. Leaves petiolate, ovate to orbicular. Scapes erect; umbels terminal; bracts forming an involucre. Pedicels thick. Sepals persistent, green. Petals yellowish, thin. Stamens numerous, with sterile staminodes in outermost whorl; filaments flattened. Carpels numerous, free, crowded into a head, laterally compressed; stigmas sessile. Seeds numerous, strongly curved; embryo horseshoe-shaped.

One species: tropical and subtropical regions from S North to South America, naturalized throughout S and SE Asia.

   Lower Taxon
  • Limnocharis flava  (Linnaeus) Buchenau  黄花蔺