Flora of China
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   5. Dipelta  Maximowicz Bull. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Pétersbourg. 24: 50. 1877.
双盾木属   shuang dun mu shu


Shrubs, erect, deciduous. Winter buds with several pairs of scales. Leaves opposite, estipulate, shortly petiolate, slightly pubescent on veins and margin, margin entire or dentate at apex. Inflorescences of single flowers, paniculate; ovaries with 4 bracts at base; bracts unequal in size, larger 2 tightly adnate to ovary. Sepals 5, linear to lanceolate, ± fused at base. Corolla bilabiate, distinctly narrowed and gibbous at base; upper lip 2-lobed; lower lip 3-lobed. Stamens 4, didynamous, partially adnate to corolla tube, included. Ovary 4-locular, 2 locules with 2 series of sterile ovules, 2 locules each with a single fertile ovule; style slightly shorter than corolla. Fruit an achene with 2 accrescent, membranous, winglike bracts at base, crowned with persistent calyx.

● Three species: China.

1Sepals fused into a tube for at least 2/3 of their length; style villous.3  D. elegans    优美双盾木
+Sepals fused for less than 1/2 their length; style glabrous to sparsely hairy(2)
2(1)Narrow part of corolla tube exserted from sepals; accrescent bracts often peltate, obscuring sepals at anthesis, calyx divided to base.1  D. floribunda    双盾木
+Narrow part of corolla tube not exserted from sepals; accrescent bracts reniform, not obscuring sepals at anthesis, calyx divided 1/2-2/3.2  D. yunnanensis    云南双盾木
   Lower Taxon
  • Dipelta elegans  Batalin  优美双盾木
  • Dipelta floribunda  Maximowicz  双盾木
  • Dipelta yunnanensis  Franchet  云南双盾木