Flora of China
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   6. Ophioglossaceae  
瓶尔小草科   ping er xiao cao ke
Authors:Authors: Zhang Xianchun, Quanru Liu & Norio Sahashi


Plants perennial, mostly terrestrial, rarely epiphytic, usually small and fleshy, lacking sclerenchyma. Roots lacking root hairs, unbranched or with a few narrow lateral branches [rarely dichotomously branched], fibrous or fleshy, sometimes producing vegetative buds. Rhizome mostly erect, less often horizontal, rarely branched, eustelic, glabrous or hairy. Fronds 1 to few per plant, monomorphic, vernation nodding (not circinate), erect or folded, stipe base dilated, clasping, forming open or fused sheath surrounding successive leaf buds; buds glabrous or with long, uniseriate hairs; common stipe usually dividing into sterile, laminate, photosynthetic portion (trophophore) and fertile, spore-bearing portion (sporophore); sterile lamina ternately or pinnately compound to simple, rarely absent, glabrous or with scattered, long, uniseriate hairs, especially on stipe and rachis; veins anastomosing or free, pinnate, or palmate. Sporophores 1 per frond [rarely more], spikelike or pinnately branched; sporangia exposed or embedded, sometimes clustered on very short lateral branches, wall 2 cells thick, annulus absent; spores many (> 1000) per sporangium, globose-tetrahedral, trilete, thick-walled, surface rugate, tuberculate, baculate (with projecting rods usually higher than wide), sometimes joined in delicate network, mostly with ± warty surface. Gametophytes subterranean, usually fleshy, mycorrhizal, non-photosynthetic, orbicular or linear. x = 30, (44), 45, (46), 94.

Four(-nine) genera and ca. 80 species: nearly worldwide; three genera and 22 species (two endemic) in China.

Ching Ren-chang, Fu Shu-hsia, Wang Chu-hao & Shing Gung-hsia. 1959. Ophioglossaceae, Botrychiaceae, and Helminthostachyaceae. In: Ching Ren-chang, ed., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 2: 6-26, 329-330.

1Fertile lamina simple, rarely forked; sporangia sunken in 2 rows on sides of a single linear spike; sterile lamina mostly simple, rarely absent or forked at apex, veins reticulate.3  Ophioglossum    瓶尔小草属
+Fertile lamina regularly pinnately or radially branched; sporangia exposed on branchlet tips, not sunken; sterile lamina mostly pinnately or ternately lobed or divided, veins free(2)
2(1)Fertile lamina mostly in one plane, branches pinnate; rhizome erect; sporangia solitary and lacking associated sterile projections; sterile lamina mostly pinnately lobed.1  Botrychium    阴地蕨属
+Fertile lamina cylindrical, spikelike, branches very short, radially arranged; rhizome horizontal; sporangia ?clustered in clumps of several, with sterile projections; sterile lamina ternate.2  Helminthostachys    七指蕨属
   Lower Taxon
  • Botrychium  Swartz  阴地蕨属
  • Helminthostachys  Kaulfuss  七指蕨属
  • Ophioglossum  Linnaeus  瓶尔小草属