Flora of China
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   1. Ceratophyllum  Linnaeus
金鱼藻属   jin yu zao shu


Morphological characters and geographical distribution are the same as those of the family.

Ceratophyllum foliage has been used as a treatment for biliousness, jaundice, scorpion stings, and minor irritations. Liniments made from leaves of C. demersum have been used to treat dermatitis, elephantiasis, fever, and sunburn.

1Leaves 3 or 4 × dichotomously divided3  C. muricatum
+Leaves 1 or 2 × dichotomously divided.(2)
2(1)Achene facial surfaces spineless1  C. demersum    金鱼藻
+Achene facial surfaces each with a spine2  C. platyacanthum    五刺金鱼藻
   Lower Taxon
  • Ceratophyllum demersum  Linnaeus  金鱼藻
  • Ceratophyllum muricatum subsp. kossinskyi  Chamisso  粗糙金鱼藻
  • Ceratophyllum platyacanthum subsp. oryzetorum  Chamisso  五刺金鱼藻