Flora of China
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   18. Lowiaceae  Ridley
兰花蕉科   lan hua jiao ke
Authors:Wu Delin (吴德邻 Wu Te-lin); W. John Kress


Herbs rhizomatous. Stem very short. Leaves basal, distichous; petiole well developed, base sheathing; leaf blade lanceolate or oblong, with several pairs of longitudinal veins parallel to a distinct midvein. Inflorescence axillary or arising from rhizomes, cymose or reduced to a solitary flower, bracteate. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic. Sepals 3, lanceolate. Petals 3, very unequal; middle petal enlarged to form a labellum; lateral petals small, apex often aristate. Stamens 5; filaments short; anthers 2-celled, dehiscing by longitudinal slits. Ovary inferior, 3-loculed, apex elongate; ovules numerous per locule; placentation axile. Style slender; stigmas 3, laciniate. Fruit a capsule, 3-valved, loculicidal. Seeds numerous, arillate; aril 3-lobed.

One genus and ten species: Cambodia, China, Indonesia (Borneo), Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam; two species (endemic) in China.

Wu Te-lin & Chen Sen-jen. 1981. Musaceae subfam. Lowioideae. In: Wu Te-lin, ed., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 16(2): 19--21.

   Lower Taxon
  • Orchidantha  N. E. Brown  兰花蕉属