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   5. Linaceae  Candolle ex Gray
亚麻科   ya ma ke
Authors:Liu Quanru (刘全儒); Lihua Zhou (周丽华)


Herbs or shrubs. Stipules small or absent. Leaves alternate or rarely opposite, simple; leaf blade margin entire. Inflorescences cymes or racemes. Flowers bisexual, regular. Sepals (4 or)5, distinct or basally connate, imbricate, persistent. Petals as many as and alternate with sepals, distinct or basally connate, convolute, basally often clawed, with 2-5 extrastaminal nectary glands or a disk. Stamens (4 or)5 or 10(or 15), in 1 whorl, alternate or opposite sepals, often some reduced to staminodes; filament bases connate into a tube. Ovary superior, with 2-5 carpels or seemingly 4-10-loculed by intrusion of a false septum, with 1 or 2 ovules per locule, placentation axile; styles as many as carpels, filiform, distinct or basally connate; stigmas subcapitate. Fruit usually a septicidal capsule or a drupe. Seeds with straight oily embryo and thin endosperm.

Fourteen genera and ca. 250 species: worldwide but mostly in temperate regions; four genera and 14 species (one introduced) in China.

Huang Chengchiu, Huang Baoxian & Xu Langran. 1998. Linaceae. In: Xu Langran & Huang Chengchiu, eds., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 43(1): 93-108.

1Shrubs or small trees(2)
2(1)Petals yellow; ovary 6(-8)-loculed by intrusion of a false septa; styles 3(or 4); capsule splitting into 6(-8) mericarps.1  Reinwardtia    石海椒属
+Petals white; ovary 4- or 5-loculed; styles 4 or 5; capsule 4- or 5-valvate.2  Tirpitzia    青篱柴属
3(1)Leaves sessile; leaf blade linear to lanceolate, 1- or 3-veined from base; petals usually blue, rarely white or yellow; styles 5; capsule with 10 1-seeded mericarps.3  Linum    亚麻属
+Leaves petiolate; leaf blade elliptic, ovate, or elliptic-lanceolate, pinnately veined; petals pink or rarely white; styles 3; capsule 1-seeded.4  Anisadenia    异腺草属
   Lower Taxon
  • Anisadenia  Wallich ex C. F. W. Meissner  异腺草属
  • Linum  Linnaeus  亚麻属
  • Reinwardtia  Dumortier  石海椒属
  • Tirpitzia  H. Hallier  青篱柴属