Flora of China
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   32. Callianthemum  C. A. Meyer
美花草属   mei hua cao shu
Authors:Fu Dezhi; Orbélia R. Robinson


Herbs perennial, glabrous. Rhizome present. Stems unbranched or branched. Leaves basal, subbasal, or cauline. Inflorescences terminal on stems or branches, 1-flowered. Flowers bisexual. Sepals 5. Petals 5--13, glandular striate, clawed. Stamens numerous; filaments lanceolate-linear; anthers ellipsoid to narrowly oblong. Pistils numerous; ovule 1 per ovary, pendulous. Fruit aggregate. Achenes ovoid to obovoid.

Twelve species: Asia, Europe; five species (two endemic) in China.

1Leaves basal or subbasal.(2)
+Leaves basal and cauline.(3)
2(1)Sepals 8--11 mm; petals 5--6 mm wide4  C. farreri    川甘美花草
+Sepals 3--6 mm; petals 1--2.5 mm wide5  C. pimpinelloides    美花草
3(1)Stems 17--30 cm tall; basal leaves fully expanded at anthesis2  C. angustifolium    薄叶美花草
+Stems 4--18 cm tall; basal leaves not fully expanded at anthesis.(4)
4(3)Flowers 1.1--1.4 cm in diam.5  C. pimpinelloides    美花草
+Flowers 1.7--2.8 cm in diam.(5)
5(4)Basal leaves 3.7--8.8 × 2.2--4.5 cm; petals 5--71  C. alatavicum    厚叶美花草
+Basal leaves 1.8--2.5 × 1--2.2 cm; petals 9--133  C. taipaicum    太白美花草
   Lower Taxon
  • Callianthemum alatavicum  Freyn  厚叶美花草
  • Callianthemum angustifolium  Witasek  薄叶美花草
  • Callianthemum farreri  W. W. Smith  川甘美花草
  • Callianthemum pimpinelloides  (D. Don) J. D. Hooker & Thomson  美花草
  • Callianthemum taipaicum  W. T. Wang  太白美花草