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   32. Hypodematiaceae  
肿足蕨科   zhong zu jue ke
Authors:Authors: Zhang Gangmin, Prof. Fuwu Xing, Wang Faguo, Kunio Iwatsuki & Hans P. Nooteboom


Plants rupestral or rarely terrestrial, medium-sized. Rhizomes shortly creeping, ascending, or long creeping, stout, densely covered with scales and hairs or only scales; scales ovate-lanceolate or rarely linear-lanceolate. Fronds approximate, subclustered, or remote; stipe stramineous, base swollen into shuttle form and concealed in scales (Hypodematium), or articulate to rhizome, glabrous (Leucostegia); lamina deltoid or ovate-oblong to pentagonal-ovate, 3-pinnate to finely 4-pinnate-pinnatifid, anadromous, herbaceous or papery, both surfaces, rachises, and costules frequently covered with acicular and/or glandular hairs, rarely glabrous. Veins free, pinnate, branches simple or forked. Sori orbicular; indusia large, reniform, ± covered with acicular or glandular hairs, rarely glabrous. Spores ellipsoid, monolete. x = 41.

Three genera and ca. 20 species: Old World, mainly in tropical, subtropical, and warm-temperate regions of Asia and Africa; two genera and 13 species (eight endemic) in China.

Leucostegia has long been assigned to Davalliaceae because of its creeping, dorsiventral rhizome densely covered by scales, its dissected leaves, and its indusia. Molecular phylogenetic analysis has shown that Leucostegia is closely related to Hypodematium.

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1Rhizomes shortly creeping or ascending; stipe base swollen into shuttle form and concealed in scales.1  Hypodematium    肿足蕨属
+Rhizomes long creeping; stipe articulate at base, glabrous.2  Leucostegia    大膜盖蕨属
   Lower Taxon
  • Hypodematium  Kunze  肿足蕨属
  • Leucostegia  C. Presl  大膜盖蕨属