Flora of China
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   4. Beesia  I. B. Balfour & W. W. Smith
铁破锣属   tie po luo shu
Authors:Li Liangqian; Michio Tamura


Herbs perennial. Rhizome robust, creeping or ascending. Leaves 2--4, basal, long petiolate, simple, cordate or cordate-triangular, dentate. Scape simple, with membranous sheath at base. Cyme compound, with 1--3 sessile fascicled flowers at several nodes. Bracts and bracteoles subulate or lanceolate. Flower actinomorphic, opening flat. Sepals 5, petaloid, white, elliptic. Petals absent. Stamens numerous; filaments subfiliform; anthers subglobose. Follicle solitary, long, narrow, flat, with transverse veins. Seeds several, ovoid-globose, rugose.

Two species: China, Myanmar; two species (one endemic) in China.

The rhizomes are used medicinally to treat rheumatic pain, influenza, and swelling.

1Leaves reniform, cordate, or orbicular-ovate, margin with 40--50 teeth on each side, teeth relatively small, 2--4 mm wide at base1  B. calthifolia    铁破锣
+Leaves cordate-triangular, margin with 7--16 teeth on each side, teeth relatively large, 3--8 mm wide at base2  B. deltophylla    角叶铁破锣
   Lower Taxon
  • Beesia calthifolia  (Maximowicz ex Oliver) Ulbrich  铁破锣
  • Beesia deltophylla  C. Y. Wu ex P. K. Hsiao  角叶铁破锣