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   12. Dipteridaceae  
双扇蕨科   shuang shan jue ke
Authors:Authors: Zhang Xianchun, Masahiro Kato & Hans P. Nooteboom


Rhizome long creeping, solenostelic or protostelic, covered with bristles or articulate hairs. Stipe with a single vascular bundle proximally and polystelic distally; lamina (sterile ones, at least) cleft into 2 or often more subequal parts; veins highly reticulate, with included veinlets. Sori exindusiate, discrete, compital (at intersection of connecting veins), scattered over surface, or fronds dimorphic and fertile ones covered with sporangia; sporangia maturing simultaneously or maturation mixed, with 4-seriate stalks; annuli almost vertical or slightly oblique; spores ellipsoid and monolete, or tetrahedral and trilete, surface smooth or rugulose, ca. 64 or ca. 128 per sporangium; gametophytes cordate-thalloid. x = 33.

Two genera and ca. 11 species: E and S China, India, C and S Japan, and from SE Asia to Melanesia and W Polynesia; two genera and five species in China.

The Dipteridaceae are a rather primitive group of ferns related to the Gleicheniaceae and distant from the Polypodiaceae, with the fossil record beginning in the Upper Triassic.

Lin Youxing. 2000. Dipteridaceae and Cheiropleuriaceae. In: Lin Youxing, ed., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 6(2): 1-6.

1Fronds monomorphic, divided into 2 subequal fan-shaped halves, each with deeply incised lobes; sori discrete; spores monolete.1  Dipteris    双扇蕨属
+Fronds dimorphic; sterile lamina entire or lobed; sori acrostichoid; spores trilete.2  Cheiropleuria    燕尾蕨属
   Lower Taxon
  • Cheiropleuria  C. Presl  燕尾蕨属
  • Dipteris  Reinwardt  双扇蕨属