Flora of China
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   15. Dioscoreaceae  R. Brown
薯蓣科   shu yu ke
Authors:Ding Zhizun (丁志遵 Ting Chih-tsun); Michael G. Gilbert


Herbs twining or woody vines, rarely erect, small herbs. Rootstock rhizomatous or tuberous. Stem twining to left or right, pubescent or glabrous, sometimes prickly. Leaves alternate or opposite, petiolate, simple or palmately compound, basal veins 3--13, interstitial veins reticulate; leaflets of palmately compound leaves often ovate or lanceolate. Flowers usually unisexual (when plants dioecious, rarely monoecious), sometimes bisexual, solitary, clustered, or in cymules, these in a spike, raceme, or thyrse, these sometimes grouped into panicles. Male flowers: perianth lobes 6, in 2 whorls, basally connate or free; stamens 6, sometimes 3 reduced to staminodes or absent, inserted on perianth or receptacle; ovary rudimentary or absent. Female flowers: similar to male ones; staminodes 3, 6, or absent; ovary inferior, 3-loculed, ovules usually 2 per locule (more than 2 in a few small genera), placentation axile; styles 3, free. Fruit a capsule, berry, or samara. Seeds with a membranous wing or not; endosperm present; embryo small.

About nine genera and 650 species: widely distributed in tropical and temperate regions, especially in tropical America; one genus and 52 species (21 endemic, two introduced) in China.

Ting Chih-tsun, Chang Mei-chen & Ling Ping-ping. 1985. Dioscoreaceae. In: Pei Chien & Ting Chih-tsun, eds., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 16(1): 54--120.

   Lower Taxon
  • Dioscorea  Linnaeus  薯蓣属
  • Dioscorea sect. Enantiophyllum  Uline  周生翅组
  • Dioscorea sect. Lasiophyton  Uline  白薯莨组
  • Dioscorea sect. Opsophyton  Uline  基生翅组
  • Dioscorea sect. Shannicorea  Prain & Burkill  顶生翅组
  • Dioscorea sect. Combilium  Prain & Burkill  丁字形毛组
  • Dioscorea sect. Stenocorea  Prain & Burkill  宽果薯蓣组
  • Dioscorea sect. Stenophora  Uline  根状茎组
  • Dioscorea sect. Botryosicyos  (Hochstetter) Uline  复叶组