Flora of China
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   19. Aquilegia  Linnaeus
耧斗菜属   lou dou cai shu
Authors:Fu Dezhi; Orbélia R. Robinson


Herbs perennial. Stems numerous, erect. Basal leaves 1--3 × ternately compound, long petiolate; leaflets lobed or parted. Stem leaves similar to basal ones but smaller. Inflorescences cymose, umbelliform, or sometimes 1-flowered; bracts leaflike, not involucral. Flowers radially symmetric, bisexual. Sepals 5, spreading. Petals 5, erect to suberect, usually smaller than sepals, base usually prolonged into a spur. Stamens numerous; filaments linear-filiform, 1-veined. Staminodes ca. 7, membranous. Pistils (4)or 5(--10); style ca. 1/2 as long as ovary; ovules numerous. Follicles narrowly cylindric, prominently veined; styles persistent. Seeds numerous, black, narrowly obovoid, smooth.

About 70 species: temperate regions of the N hemisphere; 13 species (four endemic) in China.

1Petal spur absent1  A. ecalcarata    无距耧斗菜
+Petal spur present.(2)
2(1)Petal spur straight or apically slightly incurved.(3)
+Petal spur apically conspicuously incurved, hooked, or coiled.(7)
3(2)Stem leaves usually absent; flowers suberect3  A. parviflora    小花耧斗菜
+Stem leaves present; flowers pendulous.(4)
4(3)Sepals blue or purple.(5)
+Sepals white or yellowish green.(6)
5(4)Sepals 2--3 cm; stamens shorter than petals; anthers black2  A. rockii    直距耧斗菜
+Sepals 1.4--2.1 cm; stamens slightly longer than or nearly as long as petals; anthers yellow4  A. moorcroftiana    腺毛耧斗菜
6(4)Sepals yellowish green, 0.7--1.5 cm; flowers 1.6--2 cm in diam.5  A. viridiflora    耧斗菜
+Sepals white, 1.4--2 cm; flowers ca. 2.5 cm in diam.6  A. lactiflora    白花耧斗菜
7(2)Flowers 6--9 cm in diam.; sepals 3--4.5 cm; spur shorter than petal13  A. glandulosa    大花耧斗菜
+Flowers 2.2--4.2 cm in diam.; sepals 1.5--3.1 cm; spur longer than petal (nearly as long as petal in A. sibirica).(8)
8(7)Stem leaves absent or strongly reduced; pistils glabrous.(9)
+Stem leaves present; pistils hairy.(10)
9(8)Stems sparsely spreading pubescent; sepal apex obtuse to rounded11  A. japonica    白山耧斗菜
+Stems glabrous; sepal apex slightly acute12  A. sibirica    西伯利亚耧斗菜
10(8)Flowers ca. 2.2 cm in diam.; spur 1.2--1.5 cm; sepals abaxially glabrous9  A. incurvata    秦岭耧斗菜
+Flowers 3--4 cm in diam.; spur 1.5--2 cm; sepals abaxially hairy.(11)
11(10)Petals dark purple; spur apex incurved to an angle of ca. 100°10  A. atrovinosa    暗紫耧斗菜
+Petals purple or yellowish white; spur apex incurved to an angle greater than 150°.(12)
12(11)Sepals purple and petals yellowish white7  A. oxysepala    尖萼耧斗菜
+Sepals and petals purple8  A. yabeana    华北耧斗菜
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