Flora of China
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   135. Appendicula  Blume Bijdr. 297. 1825.
牛齿兰属   niu chi lan shu
Authors:Authors: Xinqi Chen & Jeffrey J. Wood


Herbs, epiphytic, lithophytic, or rarely terrestrial. Stems tufted, erect or pendulous, often ± compressed, slender, with many nodes, simple or branched, pseudobulbs absent, enclosed in persistent basal sheaths of leaves. Leaves many, distichous, flat, often twisted at base so that blades all lie in one plane, with tubular amplexicaul sheaths at base, articulate. Inflorescences terminal, lateral, or both, usually rather short, sometimes shortened and capitate, few to many flowered; floral bracts persistent. Flowers resupinate, white or greenish, very small. Sepals free; lateral sepals adnate at base to column foot forming a mentum. Petals often slightly smaller than dorsal sepal; lip adnate at base to column foot, unlobed or sometimes slightly 3-lobed, base saccate, apex recurved, adaxially with a round or concave basal appendage, sometimes lengthened into small keels, sometimes with a medium keel or callus on distal surface or mid-lobe. Column stout, with long and broad foot; anther subterminal, erect; pollinia 6, waxy, subclavate, in 2 groups, on a slender solitary forked caudicle or 2 separate ones, attached to a common viscidium; rostellum erect, large, often 2-lobed.

About 60 species: tropical Asia to Oceania, mainly in Indonesia and New Guinea; four species in China.

1Leaves lanceolate-oblong, ca. 5 cm, apex acuminate and shallowly bilobed; lip with a hairy appendage.3  A. fenixii    长叶牛齿兰
+Leaves oblong to narrowly ovate-elliptic, 1-4 cm, apex obtuse or rounded and shallowly bilobed; lip with a glabrous appendage(2)
2(1)Adaxial surface of lip with a lamellate appendage in distal half and another appendage near base.1  A. cornuta    牛齿兰
+Adaxial surface of lip with only one appendage near base or middle(3)
3(2)Lip suborbicular in outline; flowers greenish or greenish white; leaves not turning blackish when dried.2  A. reflexa    台湾牛齿兰
+Lip subglobose in lower half, epichile broadly ovate, subacute; flowers white; leaves turning blackish when dried.4  A. annamensis    小花牛齿兰
   Lower Taxon
  • Appendicula cornuta  Blume  牛齿兰
  • Appendicula fenixii  (Ames) Schlechter  长叶牛齿兰
  • Appendicula reflexa  Blume  台湾牛齿兰
  • Appendicula annamensis  Guillaumin  小花牛齿兰