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   1. Apostasia  Blume Bijdr. 423. 1825.
拟兰属   ni lan shu
Authors:Authors: Xinqi Chen, Stephan W. Gale & Phillip J. Cribb

Adactylus (Endlicher) Rolfe; Apostasia [unranked] Adactylus Endlicher; Niemeyera F. Mueller (1867), not F. Mueller (1870).


Herbs, erect, glabrous. Rhizome scaly, producing a few proplike roots; roots sometimes bearing tubers. Stem simple or branched, rather slender, leafy. Leaves clustered or well spaced, plicate, usually recurved along margins, forming a tubular awn at apex, base contracted and then dilating and amplexicaul. Inflorescences terminal or subterminal, often arching or sometimes pendulous, usually branched; floral bracts relatively small. Flowers erect, not resupinate, almost actinomorphic; ovary 3-locular, slender, not distinct from pedicel. Sepals similar, cymbiform, slightly fleshy. Petals similar, yellow to white, cymbiform; lip similar to petals though sometimes slightly larger. Column erect or curved, with 2 fertile stamens, with or without a central staminode; anthers clasping style, with 2 locules of subequal to distinctly unequal length; filaments usually short, adnate to style; staminode (if present) opposite to dorsal sepal; pollen not cohering to form pollinia; style cylindric; stigma terminal, capitate. Fruit a capsule, narrowly cylindric, shallowly longitudinally 3-ribbed. Seeds black at maturity, with a rigid testa.

About seven species: NE India, Nepal, and Bhutan, north to S Japan, through SE Asia to New Guinea and N Australia; three species (one endemic) in China.

1Sepals 6-9 mm; anthers 4-5 mm; column with 2 quadrate projecting wings below staminode.1  A. odorata    拟兰
+Sepals 4-6 mm; anthers 1.5-2.8 mm; column lacking wings(2)
2(1)Stem simple; leaves linear, 10-18 cm; inflorescence many flowered.2  A. wallichii    剑叶拟兰
+Stem branched; leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 1.4-2.6 cm; inflorescence 1-4-flowered.3  A. ramifera    多枝拟兰
   Lower Taxon
  • Apostasia odorata  Blume  拟兰
  • Apostasia ramifera  S. C. Chen & K. Y. Lang  多枝拟兰
  • Apostasia wallichii  R. Brown in Wallich  剑叶拟兰