Flora of China
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   47. Androcorys  Schlechter Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 4: 52. 1919.
兜蕊兰属   dou rui lan shu
Authors:Authors: Xinqi Chen, Stephan W. Gale & Phillip J. Cribb


Herbs, terrestrial, small. Tuber globose to ovoid, fleshy, pubescent. Stem erect, slender, glabrous, with 1 basal leaf. Leaf ovate to narrowly elliptic, base attenuate into amplexicaul sheath. Inflorescence erect, terminal, with several to more than 10 flowers arranged in a short, ± dense raceme; floral bracts very small, scalelike. Flowers resupinate, usually yellowish to green, small; ovary twisted, fusiform. Sepals free; dorsal sepal erect, often broad, concave, forming a hood with petals; lateral sepals longer and narrower than dorsal sepal. Petals concave; lip reflexed, ligulate or linear, small, base often dilated, spurless, entire. Column short, with 2 lateral appendages; anther erect, with 2 divergent, hooded locules and broad connective; pollinia 2, clavate, granular-farinaceous, sectile, each attached to a small viscidium; rostellum triangular; stigma 2-gibbous, attached to base of rostellum.

Six species: from the Himalayas through S China to Japan; five species (three endemic) in China.

1Lateral sepals pendulous and parallel to lip, lower margins connivent with each other.1  A. ophioglossoides    兜蕊兰
+Lateral sepals spreading, not parallel to lip, lower margins not connivent with each other(2)
2(1)Sepal margins entire; petals shorter than or ca. as long as dorsal sepal(3)
+Sepal margins denticulate; petals longer than dorsal sepal(4)
3(2)Floral bracts broadly ovate, not spirally twisted; dorsal sepal 1-1.2 mm wide, apex obtuse.2  A. pugioniformis    剑唇兜蕊兰
+Floral bracts linear, spirally twisted; dorsal sepal 1.3-1.8 mm wide, apex apiculate.3  A. spiralis    蜀藏兜蕊兰
4(2)Floral bracts ovate, ca. 1.5 mm; petals elliptic or obliquely orbicular, ca. as broad as dorsal sepal.4  A. pusillus    小兜蕊兰
+Floral bracts broadly ovate, ca. 0.8 mm; petals obliquely oblong-lanceolate, narrower than dorsal sepal.5  A. oxysepalus    尖萼兜蕊兰
   Lower Taxon
  • Androcorys ophioglossoides    兜蕊兰
  • Androcorys spiralis  Tang & F. T. Wang  蜀藏兜蕊兰
  • Androcorys pusillus    小兜蕊兰
  • Androcorys pugioniformis  (Lindley ex J. D. Hooker) K. Y. Lang  剑唇兜蕊兰
  • Androcorys oxysepalus    尖萼兜蕊兰