Flora of China
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   2. Akebia  Decaisne
木通属   mu tong shu


Woody climbers, deciduous or subevergreen. Monoecious. Stems twining. Winter bud outer scales numerous, persistent. Leaves alternate or clustered on short branches; petiole long; leaf blade palmately compound, 3--5(--7)-foliolate; leaflet margin entire, sinuate, or undulate. Inflorescences axillary, racemose, sometimes umbellate; bracts subtending inflorescences, persistent, scaly. Sepals usually 3(--6), purplish red or greenish white, subvalvate, reflexed at anthesis. Petals absent. Male flowers: borne apically on inflorescence. Stamens free; filaments very short; anthers incurved at anthesis. Pistillodes small. Female flowers: 1 or 2 basally on inflorescence, larger than male flowers. Carpels 3--9(--12), free, cylindric. Stigma capitate. Fruit fleshy follicles, dehiscent along abaxial suture. Seeds numerous, in several rows within pulp, slightly compressed; embryo small.

Five species: China, Japan, Korea; four species (two endemic) in China.

1Leaves 3(--5)-foliolate.(2)
+Leaves (3--)5(--7)-foliolate.(3)
2(1)Leaflet margin usually sinuate-dentate; sepals of male flowers 2--3 mm3  A. trifoliata    三叶木通
+Leaflet margin subentire; sepals of male flowers 1--2 mm4  A. chingshuiensis    清水山木通
3(1)Racemes 6--12 cm, 4--8(--11)-flowered; sepals of male flowers 6--8 mm; leaflets papery, abaxially glaucous1  A. quinata    木通
+Racemes 12--18 cm, 23--35(--43)-flowered; sepals of male flowers 4--4.5 mm; leaflets subleathery, abaxially pale green2  A. longeracemosa    长序木通
   Lower Taxon
  • Akebia quinata  (Houttuyn) Decaisne  木通
  • Akebia trifoliata  (Thunberg) Koidzumi  三叶木通
  • Akebia chingshuiensis  T. Shimizu  清水山木通
  • Akebia longeracemosa  Matsumura  长序木通
  • Akebia trifoliata subsp. australis  (Diels) T. Shimizu  白木通
  • Akebia trifoliata subsp. longisepala  H. N. Qin  长萼三叶木通
  • Akebia trifoliata subsp. trifoliata    三叶木通(原亚种)