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   180. Aerides  Loureiro Fl. Cochinch. 2: 525. 1790.
指甲兰属   zhi jia lan shu
Authors:Authors: Xinqi Chen & Jeffrey J. Wood


Herbs, epiphytic, medium-sized, coarse, monopodial, with many thick roots. Stems ascending, short to elongate, often stout, enclosed by leaf sheaths, with many nodes, leafy. Leaves distichous, linear-oblong to terete, leathery, slightly fleshy, base jointed and sheathing, apex bilobed. Inflorescence lateral, pendulous, variable, racemose or paniculate, usually densely many flowered. Flowers showy, medium-sized. Sepals and petals similar, broad, spreading; lateral sepals decurrent on column foot. Petals smaller than sepals; lip attached to end of column foot, usually immovable, spurred, 3-lobed; lateral lobes decurrent on column, erect; mid-lobe large or small, often erose; spur narrowly conic or horn-shaped, bent forward, usually with swellings or calli inside. Column elongate, often broadened at apex, with a short or long foot; rostellum short or long, bifid; anther 2-locular, ± beaked; pollinia waxy, 2, subglobose, grooved, attached by a long, slender stipe to a solitary, semicircular viscidium.

About 20 species: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Indochina, and Malaysia to the Philippines and Indonesia; five species (one endemic) in China.

1Inflorescence laxly 3-8(-10)-flowered(2)
+Inflorescence densely 15-flowered or more(3)
2(1)Spur ca. 10 mm; mid-lobe of lip flabellate; column foot ca. 3 mm.4  A. flabellata    扇唇指甲兰
+Spur 3-4 mm; mid-lobe of lip broadly ovate; column foot 10-12 mm.5  A. falcata    指甲兰
3(1)Mid-lobe of lip 12-14 mm wide, subovate, much larger than lateral lobes; spur ca. 5 mm.1  A. rosea    多花指甲兰
+Mid-lobe of lip 3-5 mm wide, much smaller than lateral lobes; spur ca. 3.5 mm or ca. 10 mm(4)
4(3)Spur ca. 10 mm.2  A. odorata    香花指甲兰
+Spur ca. 3.5 mm.3  A. orthocentra    小蓝指甲兰
   Lower Taxon
  • Aerides odorata    香花指甲兰
  • Aerides rosea  Loddiges ex Lindley & Paxton  多花指甲兰
  • Aerides orthocentra    小蓝指甲兰
  • Aerides flabellata  Rolfe ex Downie  扇唇指甲兰
  • Aerides falcata  Lindley & Paxton  指甲兰