Flora of China
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   33. Adonis  Linnaeus
侧金盏花属   ce jin zhan hua shu
Authors:Fu Dezhi; Orbélia R. Robinson


Herbs annual or perennial. Basal and lower stem leaves usually scaly. Upper stem leaves alternate, palmately or pinnately divided. Inflorescences terminal on branches or branchlets, 1-flowered; bracts absent. Flowers radially symmetric, bisexual. Sepals 5--8. Petals 5--24. Stamens numerous; filaments linear. Pistils numerous, spirally arranged; ovary 1-ovuled. Styles persistent; stigma small. Achenes usually with raised veins.

About 30 species: Asia, Europe; ten species (three endemic) in China.

1Plants annual with roots; petals orange; achenes glabrous; persistent styles straight10  A. aestivalis    夏侧金盏花
+Plants perennial with rhizome; petals white, blue, or yellow; achenes usually pubescent; persistent styles bent.(2)
2(1)Leaves sessile to subsessile (occasionally shortly petiolate on A. bobroviana).(3)
+Leaves basally on stem petiolate, sometimes shortly petiolate apically on stem.(6)
3(2)Leaves glabrous.(4)
+Leaves hairy.(5)
4(3)Stems ca. 40 cm tall, 3--5 mm in diam.; stem leaves ca. 15; flowers 4--5.5 cm in diam.; sepals glabrous8  A. sibirica    北侧金盏花
+Stems 4--20 cm tall, 1.2--2 mm in diam.; stem leaves ca. 4; flowers 2.5--4 cm in diam.; sepals shortly ciliate6  A. ramosa    辽吉侧金盏花
5(3)Stems and leaves hairs glandular7  A. bobroviana    甘青侧金盏花
+Stems and leaves hairs eglandular9  A. tianschanica    天山侧金盏花
6(2)Petals white, pale blue, or pale purple.(7)
+Petals yellow.(8)
7(6)Leaf blade pentagonal or triangular-ovate; petals white1  A. davidii    短柱侧金盏花
+Leaf blade oblong to narrowly oblong-ovate, rarely triangular; petals pale blue to pale purple2  A. coerulea    蓝侧金盏花
8(6)Leaves abaxially pubescent when young4  A. chrysocyathus    金黄侧金盏花
+Leaves glabrous.(9)
9(8)Stems 25--40 cm; sepals ca. 6, pale green, 0.7--1.2 cm3  A. sutchuenensis    蜀侧金盏花
+Stems 5--15 cm; sepals ca. 9, pale grayish purple, 1.4--1.8 cm5  A. amurensis    侧金盏花
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