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   10. Aconitum  Linnaeus
乌头属   wu tou shu
Authors:Li Liangqian; Yuichi Kadota


Herbs perennial or pseudoannual, rarely annual, with taproots or 2 to several caudices. Stem erect or twining. Leaves simple or compound, cauline ones alternate, sometimes all basal, palmately divided, rarely undivided. Inflorescence usually racemose. Pedicel with 2 bracteoles. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic. Sepals 5, petaloid, purple, blue, or yellow; lower sepals 2, narrowly lanceolate or oblong, small; lateral sepals 2, suborbicular; upper sepal falcate, navicular, galeate to cylindric. Petals 2, clawed; limb usually with lip and spur, secretory tissue usually at limb apex, rarely abaxial. Staminodes usually absent. Stamens numerous; anthers ellipsoid-globose. Carpels 3--5(--13); style short, persistent.

About 400 species: temperate regions of the N hemisphere; 211 species (166 endemic) in China.

1(2)Herbs annual, with taproots; sepals clawed; petaline lip flabellate (3. A. subgen. Gymnaconitum)211  A. gymnandrum    露蕊乌头
+Herbs perennial, with rhizomes or pseudoannual with caudices; sepals not or nearly clawless; petaline lip not flabellate.(2)
2(1)Herbs perennial, with rhizomes (1. A. subgen. Lycoctonum)(2)
+Herbs pseudoannual, with caudices (2. A. subgen. Aconitum)(1)
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