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   153. Acampe  Lindley Fol. Orchid. 4(Acampe): 1. 1853.
脆兰属   cui lan shu
Authors:Authors: Xinqi Chen & Jeffrey J. Wood

Sarcanthus Lindley (1824), not Lindley (1826).


Herbs, epiphytic or lithophytic, monopodial. Stems simple or branched, stout, leafy. Leaves distichous, conduplicate, leathery, sometimes somewhat fleshy, apex emarginate or bilobed. Inflorescence axillary, racemose, corymbose, or paniculate; floral bracts persistent, inconspicuous, scalelike. Flowers fragile, not resupinate, small, fleshy. Sepals and petals similar, flat to curved; lateral sepals adnate to spur (when present). Lip saccate or with a short spur, adnate to column, immovable, rigid, variously lobed, fleshy, papillose, tuberculate, sometimes dentate; spur lacking any internal tongue or median septum. Column short, fleshy, glabrous or papillose; stelidia 2, toothlike; foot absent; anther cap ovoid, apiculate; pollinia 4, united in 2 pairs, globose; caudicle linear, thick; viscidium oval, small; stigma transverse, concave; rostellum short, emarginate.

About ten species (possibly fewer): from tropical Himalayan regions to Indochina, and SE Asia, tropical and subtropical Africa, Madagascar, and the islands of the W Indian Ocean; three species in China.

1Leaves 3.5-5 cm wide; lip epichile rugose, margin not wavy; inflorescence often unbranched; peduncle and rachis 5-8 mm in diam.1  A. rigida    多花脆兰
+Leaves less than 2.5 cm wide; lip epichile coarsely warty, margin wavy; inflorescence with short branches; peduncle and rachis ca. 3 mm in diam(2)
2(1)Inflorescence paniculate, 5-14 cm, equaling or exceeding leaves; lateral lobes of lip protruding; column with 2 short, distinct horns.2  A. ochracea    窄果脆兰
+Inflorescence subumbellate, 1-4 cm, shorter than leaves; lateral lobes of lip not protruding; column lacking distinct horns.3  A. papillosa    短序脆兰
   Lower Taxon
  • Acampe papillosa  (Lindley) Lindley  短序脆兰
  • Acampe rigida  (Buchanan-Hamilton ex Smith) P. F. Hunt  多花脆兰
  • Acampe ochracea    窄果脆兰