Flora of China
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   2. Scabiosa austroaltaica  Bobrov in Schischkin & Bobrov Fl. URSS. 24: 457. 1957.
阿尔泰蓝盆花   a er tai lan pen hua

Lomelosia austroaltaica (Bobrov) Soják; Scabiosa xinjiangensis Y. K. Yang, G. J. Liu & J. K. Wu.


Subshrubs, 20-60 cm tall. Caudexes robust, lignified, several branched. Stems erect, nodes 1-4, densely puberulent. Leaves mostly basal; basal leaves petiolate; petiole 1-2.5 cm; leaf blade oblong, 3-10 × 0.7-3 cm, pinnatifid; segments linear-lanceolate, incised, pubescent. Cauline leaves smaller, 2- or 3-paired, sessile, sparsely puberulent, ± setose at axils of veins, pinnatisect; segments lanceolate, 5-20 × 1.5-3 mm. Capitula 2-3 cm in diam. at anthesis, globose and 1.5-2 cm in diam. in fruit; involucral bracts narrowly ovate, 1/3-1/2 as long as marginal ray flowers, sparsely puberulent, apex acuminate; bracts linear-lanceolate, upper 1/3 carinate, lower part linear, sparsely villous; involucels 3-4 mm, above with 8 pits, base densely white hirsute, crown 2-3 mm wide. Calyx 5-setose. Corolla blue-purple, outside adpressed puberulent. Fl. Jun-Jul, fr. Aug.

Grassy slopes; ca. 1200 m. Xinjiang [E Kazakhstan].