Flora of China
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   2. Oxygraphis endlicheri  (Walpers) Bennet & Sumer Chandra
圆齿鸦跖花   yuan chi ya zhi hua

Callianthemum endlicheri Walpers, Repert. Bot. Syst. 1: 33. 1842; Oxygraphis polypetala J. D. Hooker & Thomson; Ranunculus polypetalus Royle (1834), not Rafinesque (1817).


Basal leaves ca. 5, glabrous; petiole 3--5 cm, vaginate at base; leaf blade orbicular, reniform, or ovate, 0.5--1.6 × 0.7--1.4 cm, base subcordate or truncate, margin crenate, apex obtuse or rounded-obtuse. Scapes 1--4, more than 1.5 cm, elongating to 6 cm in fruit, glabrous. Flowers solitary, 1.2--1.7 cm in diam. Sepals 5, ovate or oblong, 3--6 mm, leathery, glabrous, persistent. Petals ca. 12, spatulate-linear, 7--10 × 1.2--2 mm, apex slightly acute. Anthers oblong, 0.5--0.8 mm. Aggregate fruit ovoid, ca. 8 mm in diam.; achenes subfusiform or ovate-oblong, 2--2.5 × ca. 1 mm, glabrous. Persistent style 0.2--0.5 mm. Fl. and fr. May--Jun.

Alpine meadows, forest margins; 3900--4100 m. S Xizang (Yadong Xian) [Bhutan, N India, Kashmir, Nepal, N Pakistan].