Flora of China
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   10. Dianthus soongoricus  Schischkin
准噶尔石竹   zhun ga er shi zhu

Dianthus crinitus Smith subsp. soongoricus (Schischkin) Kozhevnikov.


Herbs perennial, (10--)15--30 cm tall, subglabrous. Roots thick, woody. Stems caespitose, simple. Leaves linear, 1--3 cm × 0.5--1 mm, glabrous, apex sharply pointed. Flower solitary, terminal; bracts 4, oblong-elliptic, 1/5--1/4 as long as calyx, margin membranous, apex acuminate, rarely mucronate. Calyx cylindric, 2--3 cm × 3--4 mm; teeth lanceolate, apex sharply pointed. Petals dark red or yellow-brown; limb ca. 1 cm, fimbriate. Stamens shorter than petals. Ovary cylindric. Styles linear. Capsule cylindric, subequaling calyx. Seeds compressed ellipsoid, ca. 3 × 1.5 mm, apex slightly emarginate. Fl. and fr. Jul--Aug.

Rocky mountain valley slopes, deserts, semideserts; 900--3200 m. N Xinjiang [Kazakhstan, W Mongolia].