Flora of China
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   2. Dianthus repens  Willdenow
簇茎石竹   cu jing shi zhu

Dianthus chinensis Linnaeus subsp. repens (Willdenow) Voroschilov.


Herbs perennial, to 30 cm tall, glabrous, rarely stems pilose and scabrid. Stems numerous, densely caespitose. Leaves pendent, linear-lanceolate, 3--5 cm × 2--3 mm, soft, midvein prominent, base attenuate, apex acuminate. Flowers 1 or 2, terminal, 2--2.5 cm in diam.; bracts 2(or 4), ovate, slightly shorter than or subequaling calyx, apex subulate. Calyx sometimes purplish, cylindric, 1.2--1.4 cm × ca. 4 mm; teeth lanceolate, margin membranous, ciliate, apex sharply pointed. Petal claw 1.4--1.5 cm; limb purple-red, obovate-cuneate, 1.2--1.3 cm × 8--9 mm, adaxially shortly hairy, base dark purple ringed, caespitose long pilose, apex toothed. Gynophore ca. 1 mm. Capsule not seen. Fl. Jul--Aug.

Meadows at forest margins, mountain slopes, river banks, steppes. Nei Mongol [Russia (Far East, Siberia); North America].

Dianthus repens var. scabripilosus Y. Z. Zhao (Acta Sci. Nat. Univ. Intramong. 20(1): 110. 1989) was described from Nei Mongol. It differs only in having pilose, scabrid stems.