Flora of China
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   9. Dianthus kuschakewiczii  Regel & Schmalhausen
长萼石竹   chang e shi zhu


Herbs perennial, 20--35 cm tall. Stems usually numerous, branched, glabrous. Leaves spreading, linear, 2--8 cm × 0.5--2 mm, flaccid, glabrous, midvein prominent, base connate into a ca. 1.5 mm sheath, apex acute. Flower solitary, terminal and lateral; bracts 4, oblong to elliptic (outer pair) or ovate-elliptic (inner pair), 1/3--1/2 as long as calyx, leathery, margin membranous, apex mucronate. Calyx cylindric, 2.5--3.5 cm × 3--4 mm; teeth lanceolate, margin narrowly membranous, apex acuminate. Petals white, rarely pale rose; limb oblong, glabrous, fimbriate for ca. 1/2 its length, fimbriae linear. Capsule not seen. Fl. Jun--Aug.

Forests, forest margin grasslands, mountain slopes, mire drainage margins, steppes; 600--2800 m. N Xinjiang [Kazakhstan].