Flora of China
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   129b. Clematis connata var. trullifera  (Franchet) W. T. Wang
杯柄铁线莲   bei bing tie xian lian

Clematis buchaniana de Candolle var. trullifera Franchet, Pl. Delavay. 3. 1889; C. connata var. sublanata W. T. Wang; C. coriigera H. Léveillé.


Leaves pinnate; leaflet blades ovate to broadly ovate, often 3-lobed, abaxially often ± densely appressed sericeous-puberulous, adaxially sparsely appressed puberulous, base cordate. Anthers abaxially puberulous on connective. Fl. Oct, fr. Nov.

* Forests, scrub, along streams; 2000--2800 m. W Guizhou, W Sichuan, N Yunnan.