Flora of China
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   129c. Clematis connata var. pseudoconnata  (Kuntze) W. T. Wang
川藏铁线莲   chuan zang tie xian lian

Clematis nutans Royle var. pseudoconnata Kuntze, Verh. Bot. Vereins Prov. Brandenburg. 26: 130. 1885; C. connata var. bipinnata M. Y. Fang.


Leaves 2-pinnate; leaflet blades narrowly ovate, undivided or unequally 2-lobed, both surfaces subglabrous to abaxially sparsely puberulous, base truncate, rounded, or broadly cuneate. Anthers abaxially puberulous on connective. Fl. Sep.

Forests; 2900--3000 m. SW Sichuan, S Xizang [Nepal].


川藏铁线莲 Clematis connata var. pseudoconnata