Flora of China
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   22. Cerastium tianschanicum  Schischkin
天山卷耳   tian shan juan er

Cerastium vulgatum Linnaeus var. tianschanicum (Schischkin) Kozhevnikov.


Herbs perennial, 15--35 cm tall, densely pubescent. Stems ascending, distally branched. Leaves sessile, linear-lanceolate, 3--5 cm × 3--6 mm, base semiamplexicaul. Cyme lax; bracts ovate-triangular, small, margin ciliate. Pedicel equaling or 2--3 × as long as sepals. Sepals lanceolate, 6--7.5 × 2--3 mm, abaxially glandular pubescent, margin membranous. Petals oblong-obovate, ca. 9 × 5 mm, ca. 1.5 × as long as sepals, apex retuse. Stamens shorter than petals; anthers yellow, ovoid. Styles 5. Capsule erect, oblong, ca. 2 × as long as calyx, 10-toothed. Seeds deep brown, reniform or globose, ca. 1 mm, finely and obtusely tuberculate. Fl. May--Jun, fr. Jun--Jul.

Coniferous forests, subalpine meadows, river banks, gullies; 700--2700 m. Xinjiang [Afghanistan, Kazakhstan].