Flora of China
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   92. Arenaria salweenensis  W. W. Smith
怒江无心菜   nu jiang wu xin cai


Herbs perennial. Roots long, spinose. Stems densely dichotomously branched at base, suberect, 12--20 cm, yellow or black nodose villous. Petiole short or absent; leaf blade orbicular-lanceolate, 3--5 cm × 5--7 mm, glabrous, surface raised and coarse adaxially, midvein impressed, lateral veins inconspicuous, base attenuate, margin narrowly membranous, apex acute. Cymes dichotomously branched, many flowered; bracts leaflike, smaller than leaves. Pedicel 1--1.5 cm, densely black long nodose villous. Sepals 5, black-red, orbicular, ca. 5 × 1.5 mm, margin membranous, black ciliate, apex obtuse. Petals 5, white or pinkish, obovate, ca. 1 cm, apex somewhat weakly toothed. Stamens 10, equaling sepals. Ovary ca. 2 mm. Styles 2, ca. 2 mm. Fl. Aug.

* Grasslands. W Yunnan (Tengchong Xian).