Flora of China
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   21. Arenaria roborowskii  Maximowicz
青藏雪灵芝   qing zang xue ling zhi


Herbs perennial. Roots robust, woody. Stems densely clustered, 5--8 cm, with crowded, withered, persistent leaves at woody base. Leaves congested; leaf blade linear, triangular in cross section, 1--1.5 cm × ca. 1 mm, veins raised abaxially, impressed adaxially, base broadened, clasping, hardened, margin slightly reflexed, narrowly membranous, sparsely hairy, apex acute. Flower solitary, terminal; bracts linear-lanceolate, 4.5--5 × ca. 1.5 mm, 1-veined, base broadened, margin narrowly membranous, apex acute. Pedicel 5--10 mm, glabrous. Sepals 5, lanceolate, ca. 5 × 1.5 mm, 1--3-veined, base broadened, margin narrowly membranous, apex acute. Petals 5, white, elliptic, ca. 4 × 1.4 mm, base cuneate, apex acute. Floral disc patelliform, with 5 large, impressed glands. Stamens 10; filaments shorter than petals; anthers yellow. Ovary globose, slightly flattened, ca. 1.5 mm in diam., 1-loculed; ovules numerous. Styles 3, linear, ca. 1.5 mm. Fl. Jul--Aug.

* Alpine meadows, shifting screes; 4200--5100 m. S Qinghai, W Sichuan, E Xizang.