Flora of China
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   90. Arenaria omeiensis  C. Y. Wu ex L. H. Zhou
峨眉无心菜   e mei wu xin cai


Herbs. Roots conic, slender. Stems erect, 15--20 cm, nodose glandular hairy and nodose villous. Leaf blade ovate, 5--10 × 4--6 mm, glabrous or glandular hairy, midvein raised, base broadened, apex obtuse. Cymes few flowered; bracts narrowly ovate, 4--5 × 1--2 mm, both surfaces sparsely glandular villous, base broadened, apex acute. Pedicel 1--2 cm, densely glandular pubescent. Sepals 5, narrowly ovate, sparsely glandular pubescent abaxially, base broadened, margin membranous, apex obtuse. Petals 5, white, obovate, 8--9 mm, base long clawed, apex dentate lobed. Stamens 10, longer than sepals; anthers dark. Ovary ovoid, ca. 1.5 mm. Styles 2, linear, ca. 2 × as long as ovary. Fl. Aug.

* Forests, scrub; ca. 3100 m. C Sichuan.