Flora of China
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   55. Arenaria inconspicua  Handel-Mazzetti
不显无心菜   bu xian wu xin cai


Herbs perennial. Roots napiform. Stems 1 or 2, branched at base, 1--5 cm, with black, hard hairs. Basal leaf blade saccate; cauline leaf blade lanceolate, 8--10 × 1--2.5 mm, glabrous or with sparse, short, hard hairs, midvein inconspicuous, apex obtuse or acute. Flower solitary, terminal, or cymes few flowered. Pedicel robust, ca. 1 cm. Sepals 5, lanceolate or orbicular, 2--3 mm, herbaceous, abaxially with sparse, brown, hard hairs, base saccate, margin membranous, apex acute. Petals 5, white, elliptic or narrowly ovate, shorter than sepals, apex rounded, acute, or dentate to 2-cleft. Stamens 10; filaments unequal; anthers pale brown. Ovary ovoid. Styles 2 or 3. Capsule ovoid, equaling persistent sepals, 4-lobed. Seeds brown, oblate. Fl. and fr. Jul--Sep.

* Alpine meadows; 3600--4600 m. NW Yunnan.