Flora of China
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   32. Arenaria festucoides  Bentham ex Royle
狐茅状雪灵芝   hu mao zhuang xue ling zhi


Herbs perennial. Principal roots robust, woody; lateral roots smaller. Stems densely clustered, pulvinate, 5--8 cm, glandular villous, with crowded, withered, persistent leaves at woody base. Leaf blade linear, 0.7--2 cm × ca. 1 mm, 1-veined, base broadened, clasping, margin narrowly membranous, proximally sparsely ciliate, apex acute; proximal cauline leaves congested, distal middle ones gradually sparser. Cymes 1--3- or more flowered; bracts ovate-lanceolate, 3--4 × 1--1.5 mm, glandular hairy, 1-veined, margin membranous, apex acuminate. Pedicel to 7 mm, densely glandular hairy. Sepals 5, sometimes 4, ovate-lanceolate or broadly ovate, 3--7 × 2.5--3.5 mm, densely glandular hairy, 1--3-veined, base rounded, margin usually involute, broadly membranous, apex acuminate. Petals 5, white, obovate, 7--9 × 4--5 mm, apex truncate or obtuse, sometimes emarginate. Floral disc patellate, with 5 glands. Stamens 10; filaments 4--6 mm; anthers yellow. Ovary ovoid, ca. 2 mm. Styles 3, sometimes 4, linear, ca. 2.5 mm. Fl. Jun--Jul.

Mountain grasslands; 2000--4700 m. Qinghai, SW Xinjiang, Xizang [India, ?Kashmir, ?Nepal, Pakistan].

Two varieties have been recognized. The distinguishing characters seem to be only a matter of degree, and the variation pattern should be studied in the field. Perhaps this variation should not be the basis for formal recognition of taxa.

1Leaf blade 1--2 cm; pedicel 5--7 mm32a  var. festucoides    狐茅状雪灵芝(原变种)
+Leaf blade ca. 0.7 cm; pedicel to 5 mm32b  var. imbricata    小狐茅状雪灵芝