Flora of China
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   78. Arenaria chamdoensis  C. Y. Wu ex L. H. Zhou
昌都无心菜   chang du wu xin cai


Herbs. Roots gray, conic, with slender branches at base. Stems whitish proximally, violet distally, 4--7 cm, densely violet glandular pubescent. Petiole short; leaf blade violet, obsaccate, both surfaces pubescent, base attenuate, margin ciliate, apex rounded; axils of proximal cauline leaves with reduced flowers. Cymes conic; rachis and pedicels densely glandular pubescent. Pedicel 0.5--2 mm. Sepals 5, green, ovate, 2--3 mm, black glandular villous abaxially, margin membranous, ciliate, apex obtuse. Petals 5, white, obovate, 6--8 mm. Stamens 10; anthers yellow. Ovary obovoid. Styles 2. Fl. Jul--Aug.

* Shifting screes; 4500--4700 m. SE Qinghai (Nangqên Xian), W Sichuan, E Xizang (Qamdo Xian).